It's Simple Math

It's Simple Math

20th May 2014

Buckle Up Whoa! The CDC reports that wearing a seat belt during every car trip (no matter how short) can reduce the risk of accident-related injury and death by a whopping 50%.  On average, b … read more
Universal Seat Belt Extenders

Universal Seat Belt Extenders

12th May 2014

A World of Seat Belt Extenders Isn’t that the million dollar question!? If there were a universal seat belt extension our jobs would be so much easier. Here’s why: We wouldn’t have to offer … read more

Regular or Rigid Extender?

8th May 2014

Regular vs Rigid? We’re glad you asked! The right answer is there is no right answer. Extender style comes down to personal preference, use and convenience. A  Regular Seat Belt Extend … read more

Extenders & Arthritic Joint Symptoms

6th May 2014

Rigid Extenders for Your Wrist According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) an estimated 50 million U.S. adults (about 20%) report having doctor-diagnosed arthritis. These numbers are only … read more

We're Here to Help The Governor Too

3rd May 2014

No Shame In Our Seat Belt Extender Game At the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, Joel McHale took a shot at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the scandal known as Bridgegate, telling … read more