Understanding Extender Types

An Extender's Type refers to the combination of its uniquely shaped metal tongue and its specially crafted receptacle. The pairing of a certain tongue and a certain receptacle creates a particular Type of seat belt extender.

Seat Belt Extender Pros labels Types according to letters of the alphabet. For example, Type A, Type B, Type R, Type Z, etc. Every Type has a unique combination of a different metal tongue and receptacle.

It is this incredible assortment of extenders that allows us to accommodate the widest variety of seat belts in the world.

Choosing the right Type of seat belt extension may be challenging, which is why we suggest the easier method of shopping by vehicle.

The best time to use the Extender Types section of our site is when we’ve already suggested a particular Type as the most likely fit or you're just getting another of the same extender you've ordered in the past.

Please note that our reference to a specific Type is only a Seat Belt Extender Pros designation that refers to our products. Others may mention Types A or B, but those may not be the same as what we mean.