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It's Simple Math

Buckle Up

Whoa! The CDC reports that wearing a seat belt during every car trip (no matter how short) can reduce the risk of accident-related injury and death by a whopping 50%. 

On average, being pulled over and given a ticket for not wearing a seat belt can cost $150. Clearly, not wearing a seat belt is a hazard to your health (and your wallet). 

Even so, there are many reasons why you might choose not to wear your seat belt. 

Perhaps the receptacle is impossible to access. Maybe it doesn't reach all the way across your body. What if the strap cuts into your neck? You might have limited mobility in your arm, hand, or shoulder that makes buckling up painful or impossible. Just a short journey down the road for a gallon of milk might make you think, What's the worst that could happen?

When the answer is potentially huge fines and at worst, death, solving your seat belt challenges is the right decision.

A Seat Belt Extender is a safe, comfortable, and cost effective investment, and they're a great solution for just about any seat belt problem you might encounter. 

At Seat Belt Extender Pros, we're committed to making sure that 100% of people on the road are buckled up. All you have to do is contact us and we'll help you pick out the perfect Extender solution.

It's simple math - purchasing a Seat Belt Extender now can save you money down the road and it could very well be the thing that saves your life.

Buckle up.