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We're Here to Help The Governor Too

No Shame In Our Seat Belt Extender Game

At the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, Joel McHale took a shot at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the scandal known as Bridgegate, telling him to buckle up for a lot of jokes - and then pausing to advise him to buckle up his Seat Belt Extender.

Joel McHale thought he was being pretty funny, and judging by how much this is trending on Twitter, it may well be. After all, we're in the Extender business and don't know the first thing about what's funny. For instance, this is our best joke:

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Seat Belt Extender.

Seat Belt Extender who?

Seat Belt Extender Pros.

See? Not in the humor business. Just the world's safest Seat Belt Extenders.

But as long as people are making fun of Governor Christie for being fat and needing an Extender, we thought we'd chime in to note that there is no shame in needing or using an Extender for any reason.

Our Seat Belt Extender Pros extenders save lives because they're so safe and so quality. They let people buckle up who otherwise couldn't, whether it's because they're plus-sized, have mobility impairments, can't reach their seat belt receptacles or a host of other reasons. 

For whatever reason you need an Extender, please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you buckle up.

We'll leave the comedy to Joel McHale as long as he'll leave the Extenders and buckling Chris Christie to us.

By the way, Governor Christie, for being such a good sport, if you contact us the next Extender is on the house.