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“I bought the seat belt extender from you a week or so ago. It came in the mail and it was beautiful. It matched perfectly to the one in my Toyota Corolla. It looked factory! My husband who has not been able to wear his seatbelt can finally be comfortable. It saves me worry from accidents and getting a ticket. It has been more than just a seat belt extender. Its value is less worry for me, the safety of someone I love, and agreement of the law.”

- Kristina


“I just purchased the extender. It’s just really impressive in today’s day and age of electronics to have such great personal customer service. I drive a full-sized ford van from my wheelchair. And the seatbelt is always extremely tight across my lap and my wheelchair wheels. But I need to keep the seatbelt connected because it’s too hard for me to keep buckling it. But it’s also been really hard to get underneath the seat belt because it’s so incredibly tight. Your extender will do the trick for me!”

- Peter Soby


“Received them today - my father tried them out and it’s exactly what he needed. He says he likes them 100%. I’m so happy I shopped around. You gave me free shipping and the correct color (perfect match - can’t even tell they’re not original equipment). You're not called Seat Belt Extender Pros for nothing! You made and old man happy. No more fumbling for the belt!”

- Carl M.


“My brother is a Drug Task Force Agent who is right handed. His utility/gun belt gets hooked inside of his seatbelt, tangling him up, making it difficult to get out quickly on felony stops. The majority of them don’t wear their seatbelts because they can’t be trapped. That is scary in high speed chases! This has been an answer to our prayers! The extender sits over his gun! Now he is safe! Thank you so much for these! We all sleep a little better at night because of this product!”

- Tom S. Kowalski


“I received the seat belt extender today, and it fits the seat belt perfectly. Also, the shipping time was amazing. I ordered it on Monday and I received it Friday. So I was able to go out shopping this afternoon all buckled up and not in fear of getting a ticket because they really crack down on seat belts on holiday weekends in Chicago!”

- Carol DeGuiseppi

“Beat Vauxhall and Motability on helping me get the correct part. In the future, I will always go to Seat Belt Extender Pros first, because of the excellent way that you went out of your way to assist me and help with my inquiry.”

- Julie White


“When I bought my truck a couple weeks ago, I found that when wearing the seat belt I could not adjust the radio, reach forward enough to reach some of the heating controls, etc. With the use of your Seat Belt Extender, I now LOVE my truck! I know that may seem like an odd thing, but it truly changed my view from a truck purchase that I was questioning, to a new favorite vehicle. The extender just clicked right in, and away we go.

- D. Clark, Michigan


“I need a shoulder replacement and cannot move my hand-arm backwards and push with extreme pain. The seat belt extender allows me to close the seatbelt in front of me. I am so happy to have it and do not know how I would manage without it.

- Meryl Weiner