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Extenders & Arthritic Joint Symptoms

Rigid Extenders for Your Wrist

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) an estimated 50 million U.S. adults (about 20%) report having doctor-diagnosed arthritis. These numbers are only expected to increase with an aging U.S. population.

While arthritis can affect people of all ages, it is especially prevalent among the elderly population and is one of the most common sources of chronic pain.

Reducing the number of required unique movements and the amount of overreaching and bending in daily activities diminishes the amount of pain and its degree that arthritis can inflict.

Seat Belt Extenders - particularly Rigid ones - dramatically aid in buckling up, reducing the amount of work required from the joints as one twists, grasps and maneuvers a seat belt.

I cannot move my hand/arm backwards and push without extreme pain. The seat belt extender allows me to close the seat belt in front of me. I am so happy to have it and do not know how I would manage without it.

 - M. Weiner

By putting the seat belt's receptacle in a more accessible location in relation to one's body, Seat Belt Extenders make buckling up easier and less painful for those suffering from arthritis.

If we can help you find the right length  Extenderplease let us know.