Buckle Booster™ Seat Belt Receptacle Raiser

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The Buckle Booster™ is the product we've all been waiting for! Without actually extending the length of your seat belt, the Buckle Booster fits snugly around the receptacle in the rear seats to keep it sturdily upright and accessible. With your new Buckle Booster, you'll be able to buckle yourself with one hand or buckle children in the back seat without struggle.


  • NO MORE FRUSTRATION WITH SEAT BELTS - Do you get annoyed with buried seat belt buckles? It's a hassle digging receptacles from under the seat. The Buckle Booster™ slips around your receptacle in seconds to ensure that your seat belt buckle doesn't get buried. Keeping your receptacle upright and accessible for future rides, this adult and kid-friendly tool makes buckling a breeze.
  • BUCKLE WITH EASE - The Buckle Booster™ stabilizes your seat belt receptacle, so you can smoothly click the metal tongue in. No more wobbly belt that is hard to hold while buckling. No more buried receptacle hiding under the seat or behind car and booster seats.
  • RAISES YOUR RECEPTACLE - The trouble with buckling is not just inadequate space; it's also how far you have to reach for the buckle. The Buckle Booster™ elevates your seat belt receptacle so the metal tongue can click in smoothy and effortlessly. No more strain and struggle - buckle yourself and others quickly and without hassle!
  • PERFECT FOR ADULTS - The Buckle Booster™ allows you to buckle up with just one hand, whether you are in a hurry or have mobility challenges. Are you post-surgery, have arthritis or simply unable to spare a hand for buckling? The Buckle Booster™ lets you buckle yourself and others with one hand. Keeping the receptacle stable, you just need to click the metal tongue in and you're ready to go!
  • IDEAL BETWEEN BOOSTER AND CAR SEATS - Reaching from the side to buckle babies and kids can be frustrating due to the elusive, floppy buckles that get buried under seats. With Buckle Crunch scraping your knuckles when you have three car or booster seats in the back, your buckling job is nearly impossible. With the Buckle Booster™, made from safe materials, buckling loved ones in the back is easy! You can comfortably reach the receptacle, even between car and booster seats. Have one car seat? Reaching the stable, elevated buckle just got easy!

Due to its clever design and superior materials, the Buckle Booster™ will safely improve your ability to buckle yourself and others. The Buckle Booster™ helps many different people, including:

  • Parents buckling their children into the back seats of the vehicle
  • Elderly and other passengers seeking greater independence when buckling
  • Post-surgery or injured passengers with limited range of motion
  • The disabled or mobility impaired, including those with arthritis


The Buckle Booster™ usually works in all back seats. It can sometimes be used in the front for bench seats.

  1. Simply slide the Buckle Booster™ over the receptacle that you would like to stabilize
  2. Ensure that it fits firmly at the base, allowing access to the (usually red) release button
  3. Fasten the seat belt with ease


If for any reason the design of your seat belts doesn't work with the Buckle Booster™, please tell us right away! The Buckle Booster™ is a satisfaction guaranteed product. If the grooves into which your receptacle is recessed are too low or your seat belt receptacle is too wide to fit, please tell us about it, and we'll handle the rest.


The Buckle Booster™ is made of TPE, some of the same material used to make pacifiers, baby bottle parts, and food preparation items like spatulas. This denser version of this same material provides stability for your seat belt buckle and easy access for you! Don't get any ideas, though - you or your kids should not eat or chew on the Buckle Booster™.


Width: 2 ¾ in / 6.96 cm
Length: 2 in / 5.08 cm
Height: 1 7/8 in / 4.76 cm

Hole Width: 1 15/16 in / 4.92 cm
Hole Length: 1 1/16 in / 2.70 cm

This is not a safety device. Installer must ensure that user and others maintain access to the seat belt release button at all times. Buckle Booster should never be used if it impacts the seat belt's functionality in any way. Seller disclaims all liability, including but not limited to any damages arising from the use of the product. For full disclaimer and warnings, click here. Read all information that comes with the product.

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  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Paul Beebe on 28th Oct 2020

    We have three kids piled in one row in the car, and this really helps hold the buckle up for our six year old to buckle herself in.

  • 5

    Posted by Mr Graham Patrick Ross JP on 4th Oct 2020

    Works great for putting the belt buckle in an easy to reach position. Lots less stress now that I am not fumbling around to fit the belt in the buckle. Thank You.

  • 5
    Perfect product for child car booster

    Posted by Claudia on 9th Sep 2020

    We have 3 child car seat in the 2nd arrow and it wasvery difficult for kids to reach the buckle. With the buckle booster, it is perfect and so easy for kids. Plus, the buckle booster has a amazing color and stickers to put it

  • 5
    Used with the rear seat

    Posted by Brenda on 21st Aug 2020

    This works perfectly in my Nissan Sentra. My son could not buckle his own seatbelt as it the buckle receptacle would sink into the seat. This simple device keeps the receptacle steady while he fastens his belt. It's just what we needed. And it does NOT interfere with how the seatbelt is meant to function (which would be unsafe).

  • 5

    Posted by Sandra Jinkens on 15th Aug 2020

    Had never seen one of these. I kept 1 for passenger side and gave one as a gift

  • 5
    Well designed product

    Posted by Melissa Earnest on 7th Aug 2020

    I actually purchased this for my elderly mother who has trouble fastening the seat belt in back seats. I would definitely promote this product for the older generation as well as for toddlers and such. I am very pleased - just wish it came in more colors to match my car better.

  • 5
    Buckle booster

    Posted by Tami L on 23rd Jul 2020

    Arrived super fast ... totally wish I had known about this product years ago!

  • 5
    Buckle Booster

    Posted by Vickiev on 6th Jun 2020

    I purchased the Buckle Booster to cover the middle seat belt connector in my car. When I have riders in the back I can say the purple buckle isn't for the middle seat.

  • 5
    buckle boosters

    Posted by G. Blanchard on 2nd Jun 2020

    These are so wonderful, it makes buckling the car seats in so much easier. no fumbling to find the fastener you can't see.