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Why Buy Your Seat Belt Extensions with Us Instead of Amazon

Buy Here, Not Amazon

There are a lot of popular websites out there on which people like to shop. We've been hearing about this one called Albatross.com. No, that's not right. Amazon.com? Yes, that's the one.

Occasionally, one of our customers will ask why they shouldn't just shop on Amazon instead of with us. It's an understandable question, yet the answers are numerous.

We'd like to let this quick comparison chart do the talking for us. We think you'll find the answer is clear.

  Seat Belt Extender Pros Amazon
Shipping Costs
Free Shipping, always. Free 2-Day Shipping when you spend $35 and up Not a prime member? Then you're paying for shipping. 
We're glad to help. And they're free. Nope. Never. Return your order and buy again.
Refund & Exchange Period
365 Days. One Year. Unbeatable 30 days with no exceptions
Refund & Exchange Policy
100% Free in both directions. You might not even need to send it back. No exchanges. Need something else? Go through a full return at your expense and then order a new product and try again
Customer Care
The best in the industry because we are the Pros. You will always speak to an extender expert. Call us. Chat with us. Email us. However it works for you, we're here.  Generic Amazon customer service representatives available in limited ways.  
Product Options
More extender styles, lengths and colors than anywhere else. Limited styles, lengths and colors. 
Extender Selection
Shop easily by your car and know that you're getting the most likely fitting extender, backed by our free returns and exchanges guarantee.  Limited shopping selection and no reassurances. 
Knowledge & Specialization
We are the world's leading extender experts. Order from us for maximum safety and peace of mind. They know nothing about any product, and the representatives won't work to keep you safe.

We understand that you'll do what you think is best for you, but we hope that this tells you all of the advantages to shopping with Seat Belt Extender Pros for your seat belt extender needs, rather than Amazon.

In case that isn't enough, allow us to offer one more idea.

We are a company of dedicated and loyal people who care about bringing safety and comfort to the car in innovative and inspirational ways. We know how our products improve people's lives. We love the opportunity to get to know our customers and their needs, and we get up every day to work harder for them. Every single customer and every single order matters to us. 

If you believe the same is true of Amazon, well, then, okay. There's not much more we can say. However, if you understand the importance of getting top-quality products designed for your safety from people who truly care, then we're here for you. And if things don't work out on Amazon, we're still here for you.

We look forward to serving you however we can. Start shopping for seat belt extensions by your car here.

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