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Road Safety During Hurricane Season

14th Jul 2014

10 Hurricane Season Survival Tips

If you find yourself in a part of the country where hurricanes occur, these 10 tips will keep you safe in the car!

1. Make sure to evacuate as soon as possible.

2. Bring important documents and registrations, supplies,  HandyBar and first-aid kit.

3. Make sure your gas tank is full, check tire pressure and see if all lights are working.

4. Try to avoid flooded areas and do not drive over fallen electrical lines.

5. Drive slowly (less than 35 mph) and avoid cruise control.

6. Avoid slamming on brakes and turning aggressively.

7. Do not drive in standing water.

8. If your car stalls whilst in the water, restarting could damage the engine.

9. If your car becomes trapped in water, abandon for higher ground.

10. When your vehicles is in a dry area, depress the brakes to dry them out.

For more information relevant to where you live check in with your local radio and news stations.