New Product Announcement: The Buckle Booster™ - Exclusively from Seat Belt Extender Pros

New Product Announcement: The Buckle Booster™ - Exclusively from Seat Belt Extender Pros

29th Jun 2019

Parents dealing with car seats and booster seats often face a struggle when buckling their kids in the back seat. Having multiple car and booster seats next to each other can mean the seat belt receptacles get buried between the seats making them hard to find and use around bulky child seat bases. In the midst of getting children safely buckled in before getting on the road, this can lead to frustration and painful “buckle crunch,” when knuckles get scraped on child restraints as you reach between them to buckle in your kids.

Seat Belt Extender Pros is proud to offer a new product, the Buckle Booster™ Seat Belt Receptacle Raiser, to alleviate buckle crunch and get kids and parents quickly and safely out the door and on their way!

The Buckle Booster™ is made from high-quality, non-toxic, BPA-free TPE material and is both flexible and sturdy. It is designed to install snugly around a back seat’s receptacles to stand them upright and make them more accessible. This upright position makes it so much easier and faster to reach the seat belt receptacle and buckle in your kids. Buckling up is no longer a two-handed struggle!

The Buckle Booster™ can also help in other buckling up scenarios. It can give back independence to those healing after surgery, to people suffering from arthritis or other mobility impairments, and to those who simply want an easier time fastening their seat belts in the back row.

With Seat Belt Extender Pros’ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 365-Day Free Returns and Exchanges policy, we are positive that you’ll love your Buckle Booster™ or we will take care of everything.

Check out the Buckle Booster™ today and Buckle. UP!