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How to: Shop for Extenders by Car

Extenders for You and Your Vehicle

Shopping for Extenders by your car is just about the easiest thing to do.

Simply start by clicking HERE.

Next, select your car’s manufacturer from the list (don’t see your manufacturer? click Other Vehicles).

What follows is a list of every model we offer by the manufacturer you selected. If you don’t see yours on the first page, just scroll through until you do.

Click the product that matches your car’s make and model.

Once inside, you have to select from four drop-down menus (all easy - don’t worry!).

1. Select your car’s year.

2. Select the exact seat in the car that you want an Extender for. If you need multiple Car Seat Belt Extenders for distinct locations, finish this process with the first Extender and then start over with the same product selected for the second Extender but with a different seat.

3. Choose the variation that you want. If you need more help understanding the Style options and where they’re best used, click HERE. If you want help choosing the right length Extender, click HERE.

4. We ask which country you purchased your vehicle in. Believe it or not, country can make a big difference. By sharing that information we can make sure that you get the Seat Belt Extender designed for your country’s release of your vehicle.

Once you complete the checkout process, we’ll get your Extender in the mail to you within 24 hours!