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2 Seat Belt Extenders For Car Renters

13th Aug 2014

The 1-2 Extender Punch For Car Renters

Many of our customers are travelers who rent cars on their vacations and need to make sure that they’ll be able to fit comfortably and safely into the car they’re renting. They call us ahead of time to find out if the car they’ve reserved will take the same extender that they use in their personal vehicle at home.

If you know what kind of car you’re renting, this is definitely a great idea. However, if you just rented a “mid-sized sedan” or a “compact” then you won’t really know what kind of car you’re getting until you show up in Cozumel at the Hertz, Avis or Auto Amigos.

If you want the absolute best chance of making sure that you are going to have an Extender that’s going to fit, in these circumstances it’s best to bring along two Seat Belt Extender Pros’ extenders. The first extender to bring is the Type S and the second extender is the Type L. Between the two of these, you’ll be in pretty darn good shape.

Are there other possibilities out there that might not work with the two of these Extenders? Absolutely. However, there’s no better way to hedge your extender bets than to bring the Type L and the Type S along.

The only place these extenders aren’t likely to help you is in the rear middle seats of a vehicle, but as long as you’re using the extenders in the front seats of the rear window seats, you’ve got a great chance of being buckled securely with one or the other of these extenders.