Car Safety Hammer: Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter (Small, Orange)

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If you're ever trapped in a burning or sinking car, escaping quickly can save your life.

When you need to free yourself from a stuck or inaccessible seat belt, this seat belt cutter could mean your survival! When you can't break the car window with your bare hands, the hammer is your path to freedom and safety. This high quality product can cut seat belts with its hidden, sharp blade and can break windows with its pointy metal tip.

The Seat Belt Cutter and Hammer can easily be stored in your glove compartment or door side compartment and accessed quickly when needed. It takes up a small space, but can be most useful in a vehicular crisis. Its bright orange color will help you find it when needed in urgently.

The device is designed for use without injury to the hand. The seat belt cutter's blade opening is the size to cut your seat belt webbing, releasing you from a seat belt trap.

A small price to pay for peace of mind while on the road, this Hammer and Cutter combo is a must-have for every car driver and passenger!

CAR EMERGENCY ESCAPE - Quickly free and save yourself and loved ones from stuck seat belts and car doors in the case of an auto collision, crash or accident by keeping these high quality Seat Belt Extender Pros Seat Belt Cutter & Hammer tools in your car.

COMPACT & PORTABLE - You can keep your emergency Seat Belt Cutter & Hammer conveniently in your glove compartment, door side compartments or in the center console. The Hammer & Cutter fits even in your purse, bag or backpack. We recommend keeping this safe saving tool in a pouch that you can access easily. This way the pointy metal tip and hidden blade will be available for use when needed.

HIGH QUALITY, STURDY MATERIALS - The Emergency Seat Belt Cutter & Hammer is made from strong, thick plastic with a stainless steel metal blade and pointy metal tip. Although lightweight, this safety tool is a sturdy and lifesaving piece to have on hand in a car accident. It is a great gift for anyone whose safety you care about, whether they are young, elderly or frequent drivers. Fires and entrapment in a sinking car can happen to a person of any age - this tool provides the chance to escape.

LOWEST PRICE, POTENTIALLY LIFE-SAVING INVESTMENT - By purchasing this lifesaving item for the price of a latte, you can free yourself and loved ones from your car in a fire or water sinking emergency. For extra safety, keep a Cutter & Hammer accessible in each family car (in a pouch due to sharp edges), in all locations where adults are traveling. A simple decision: empower yourself to be able to free yourself from being trapped and save lives!

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    Posted by richard on 27th Mar 2021

    looks good and keep it in my door shelf, how it works i do not know have not used it and hope i never have to use it