Seat Belt Keychain Key Holder

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Are you tired of searching for your keys before leaving home? Are you ever delayed frantically trying to find your keys? Bothered by the clutter at your home entrance’s key drop zone? Would you like a more suitable way to stay organized?

There is a clever solution: the Seat Belt Keychain Key Holder.

Just listen for that satisfying click when you get home as you pop your keys into place rather than dropping them into an abyss of unknown old tissues, pens and chapstick. Your keys now get a glorious spot of their own: clipped on the wall for easy access and rapid departure at any time. Calmly leave your house, knowing exactly where your keys are! Need to take off in an emergency? Looking for your keys won’t slow you down. 

Simply click your keychain with the seat belt metal tongue into the seat belt receptacle fastened to your wall. A reassuring click will ensure that your home, office, car and other keys are hanging safely until the next time you need them. 

Have a collection of keys? You can color code them with matching metal tongues and receptacles.  

Just when you are ready to walk out the door, press the familiar red button to release your keys, and you are comfortably on your way. Start every day composed and in control.


  • ORGANIZED - Easily clip your keys in the buckle when you get home, so you never have to search for them again. No more clutter at your entrance, kitchen, or coffee table. You also save space by clipping your keys in their designated area.
  • STRESS-FREE EGRESS - Since your keys have an obvious and easy place every time you get home or to the office, you’ll never frantically search for them when you need to leave quickly. This is especially important in case of emergencies or when you need to run out the door. By keeping them in their obvious spot, you’ll never lose your keys.
  • SLEEK - The Car Key Holder is a tasteful addition to any home entrance or office and an ideal gift for frequent drivers or car enthusiasts.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS - The Keychain Key Holder is made partly from unused auto parts. By using this item, you’re contributing to conserving resources.
  • HELPFUL FOR TEENS, PARENTS, ELDERLY - The Seat Belt Keychain Key Holder is especially helpful for busy moms and dads, teenagers new to driving, and elderly folks who will benefit from the constant place for the keys, feeling more independent and in charge as a result. It's also an excellent tool to help taxi, Uber, Lyft, Taxify and Juno drivers make departures from and returns to home more efficient.

Installation Instructions

The Seat Belt Keychain is hung via the included Velcro square by adhering one side to the back of the receptacle and the other side to the wall in the place that you want the Seat Belt Keychain Key Holder mounted.


We offer 10 different designs of seat belt metal tongue and receptacles. As you change the options, you'll notice that the pictures (and occasionally price) change to show you the design details.

Designs D9 and D10 are unique and also include built in bottle openers. Moreover, instead of velcro they come with adhesive pads.

Please note that some design options are not available outside of the U.S. and we will substitute the nearest option.