Stretch Elastic Shoelaces 7-Pack With Ever-Tie Clips

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This 7-Pack of Stretch Elastic Shoelaces with Ever-Tie Clips allows you to leave your shoes tied all the time, turning them into slip-ons that keep them snug and comfortable when you slide them on.

For an adult, these make life so much easier. For the elderly or mobility impaired, these are a must have. And if you have children, you might finally get out the door when you want to because your kids' shoes are already tied!

Simply lace up your favorite sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, or other laced shoes with one of these seven great color shoelaces and slip them on untied.

Once on you have two choices for how to keep them tied.

1. Tie them normally at a comfortably place, pulling the bow tie tight on itself (but at a normal comfort level for your feet and shoes). Now they'll slip on and off with ease.

2. With the button depressed, slip one end of the lace through one hole of the Ever-Tie Clip and the other end through the other hole. Pull the clip down to a comfortable place with the button still depressed and release. Loop the remaining laces and snap the end-clips onto the laces. Questions? Watch the video on this page for more information.

The elastic in the laces lets the shoelaces stretch and contract to turn your shoes into comfortable slips-ons that always look tied.

This 7-Pack includes all 7 available colors at a great price (7 pairs = 14 single laces). 

Length of each lace: 100 cm