Southwest Airplane Belt Extender - FAA Compliant (Type B)

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The Type B Airplane Seat Belt Extender fits Southwest Airlines airplanes. If you want to fly Southwest in safety and comfort, this is the extender you're looking for.

If you get tired of asking the Southwest Airline attendants for a seat belt extender so that you can fly safely and comfortably, worry that Southwest is going to run out of extenders, and wish you could bring your own extender and save yourself trouble and hassle, then this is the extender you're looking for.

If you fly other airlines, including Airtran, and need an extender then please try the Type A Airplane Belt Extender.

This extender is manufactured in compliance with all applicable FAA regulations, and is made by Davis Aircraft Products, who makes these parts for Southwest.

This may also work on some AirBerlin planes.

Since the Southwest-Airtran merger it seems as though the two airlines are operating independently when it comes to the planes they're using, and we have not heard of any problems.

Some newer Southwest planes no longer accept the Type B Airplane Extender.

The use of specific airlines is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by any airline company or brand. Airlines reserve the right to refuse the use of any Extender but what they provide. Consult the airline you intend to use the extender on before use, and abide by their instructions regarding use. Read complete disclaimer here before using extender. Reseller of airplane seat belt extenders.