Chevrolet Corvette Seat Belt Extender

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Can't buckle up in your Chevrolet Corvette? Seat Belt Extender Pros extensions are the highest quality extenders on the market designed to help you fasten your seat belt. Just pick your favorite color and style, and you are ready to drive safely and comfortably again.

No more tickets for not wearing a seat belt, and no fishing for seat belt receptacles between seats. With a quick click on each end, buckling up is easy again!

This extender is ideal for Chevrolet Corvette drivers and passengers who can't otherwise buckle their seat belts, which may include some plus-sized people, police, fire fighters, sheriffs, and law enforcement officers with bulky utility belts, passengers in NEMT vehicles, people with mobility impairments and others.

When it comes to safety, quality matters more. Seat Belt Extender Pros offers the highest quality extenders on the market: the best value in the premium category of seat belt extensions. We don't just offer the safest affordable extenders to add extra car seat belt length. With the smooth finish metal surface, the sleek design and three color choices, your extender will also blend in elegantly with your vehicle's interior.

Your safety is our top priority with no compromise. Unlike most belt extensions on the market, Seat Belt Extender Pros extenders are:

  • E4 Certified
  • manufactured in a US DOT-registered factory that is
  • in compliance with ISO/TS 16949:2009 for Manufacturing of Seat Belt Assembly and Components
  • manufactured to exceed international break strength test requirements for three-point seat belts.

We offer the widest variety of safety tested car seat belt extensions for your Chevrolet Corvette, but we won't let your options get confusing. With industry leading expertise, we can offer step-by-step support to help you find the optimal length and style for your needs. We suggest selecting an extender that adds only the minimum length needed to buckle up.

Extenders are diverse and never universal. Did you know that seat belts are different throughout most Chevrolet models? Your belt's metal tongue and receptacle shape depend on the seat itself and the manufacturing year of your Chevrolet. Seat Belt Extender Pros has the expertise to make your search easy.

Our regular extender style is made out of woven seat belt webbing material just like the seat belts in your car. Rigid extenders stand upright.

Seat Belt Extender Pros is known for industry-leading expertise, the widest selection of extenders available, an uncompromising focus on quality, and boundless devotion to customer happiness. With a decade of experience as the category pioneer, we're always on the cutting edge of new safety and convenience features. Recognized as the #1 seat belt extension brand worldwide with an extensive knowledge base, we are here to help you wear your seat belt comfortably again.

This product is for those who otherwise can’t buckle up. The seat belt extender’s metal tongue should click into the receptacle of the vehicle’s seat belt and the seat belt’s metal tongue should click into the receptacle of the seat belt extender. However, read and abide by your car manufacturer’s owner’s manual prior to installation or use of this product, which may not be compatible with your car. Failure to read and abide by manufacturer’s warning regarding purchase, use and installation could result in serious injury. Adults and children who can use the existing seat belt should not use an extender. Such unnecessary use, including with child restraints, could result in serious personal injury or death in the event of an accident. Read and abide by safety notes included with the extender and on the manufacturer’s product tag. Authorized reseller of seat belt extenders. See Disclaimer for more information.

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  • 5
    Seatbelt Extender

    Posted by Tom P. on 23rd Jul 2022

    Only site that had an extender for my 85 Corvette. Fast shipping, perfect fit!

  • 5
    3" extender

    Posted by Ken on 26th Apr 2022

    It makes it much easier to buckle up

  • 5
    2019 C7 seat belt extenders

    Posted by Robert Hajdin on 14th Apr 2022

    As every Corvette owner knows, latching seat belts can be a pain. I’ve used Seat Belt Extender Pros on my 2004 Corvette which was even more of a pain than my C7. I purchased the basic 3” extender, and they are the perfect solution for my need. They are quality built and guaranteed to perform flawlessly. In my experience they do just that. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Seat Belt Extender Pros extenders. They are designed to be automobile specific. I also feel that they are priced very reasonably and should you have the need, they are an excellent solution.

  • 5
    Seat belt extender

    Posted by Ken on 20th Jan 2022

    Excellent service via telephone, delivery and product. Thank you.

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Ken Canter on 1st Jan 2022

    Had tried a couple of generic extenders for my Corvette and then I found Seat Belt Pros. Perfect in every respect. Numerous colors and lengths available. Highly recommend!

  • 3
    They are backwards

    Posted by Mike Cassady on 22nd Dec 2021

    The stickers are showing to me they are backwards but they work

  • 4
    Seat belt extender

    Posted by john on 13th Dec 2021

    High quality, easy to install and remove.Maked hunting for the dealt belt closer super easy.Cfortable and inexpensive.

  • 5
    Seatbelt extender

    Posted by Thomas Parker on 30th Nov 2021

    Works well !

  • 3
    Seat Belt Extender

    Posted by Keith on 22nd Oct 2021

    I'm a big guy, and the belt buckles in my C6 Corvette were pretty obviously made for more, ahem, "typical" size people. So a seatbelt extender was an obvious need. Shopped and shopped, but these things must be such a niche product that there's only a couple ways to get them. SBEP is that way. The reason I hadn't ordered from them before was because they really only offer black extenders for my car. No grey, no tan. Certainly no other shades that might be even closer to the "Cashmere" tone in my car. Also, they always seem to be out of the variety of sizes on offer. Tried two other places before finally giving in and ordering the black one. It works fine. Just wish I could get my color.