Buckle Bucks

The Buckle Bucks icon looks like a coin with the Seat Belt Extender Pros triple-S logo in dark blue on a light blue background

Seat Belt Extender Pros rewards you with Buckle Bucks for every dollar you spend and referral you share.

You earn Buckle Bucks and exclusive perks through your regular Seat Belt Extender Pros account. To join, simply click "Rewards" to the right.


Here are all of the ways you can earn Buckle Bucks to load your account up for exciting rewards.

 Place an order to earn 5 Buckle Bucks for every $1 spent (that's 5% back!)
 Signup and earn 100 Buckle Bucks immediately
 Share on Facebook = 100 Buckle Bucks
 Share on Twitter = 50 Buckle Bucks
 Like on Facebook = 25 Buckle Bucks
 Follow on Instagram = 25 Buckle Bucks
 Follow on Twitter = 25 Buckle Bucks
 On your birthday you'll earn 200 Buckle Bucks
Make sure to take all of these actions through your Buckle Bucks account.


Spend your Buckle Bucks on great items or store credit that can be used easily on our site.
 Emergency Seat Belt Cutter for only 400 Buckle Bucks
 $5 Store Credit for 500 Buckle Bucks
 $10 Store Credit for 1000 Buckle Bucks
 Free Auto Assist Safety Tool for 1250 Buckle Bucks
 $20 Store Credit for 2000 Buckle Bucks


Love your seat belt extender? Tell friends and family with your very own referral link! Every time someone uses it they'll get a discount on their first order, and you'll get rewarded.
 You get $10 of store credit for every person who places an order after clicking your referral link.
 Everyone who uses your referral link will get $5 off their first order.