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The 411 on the 411

Choose The Perfect Extender for You We're often asked about the best way to shop for Extenders. How do I choose the right length? How do I know which style I need? What do you mean, Type? I should be shopping by car? We decided to really think through our different customers and why they buy [...]

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Tips for picking Extender Lengths

When in Doubt, Default to Shorter. Choosing the right length Extender is an essential component to buckling up safely. The number one principle of choosing the right length is that you should always choose the shortest possible Extender that is going to resolve your problem and suit your needs. When in doubt, default to shorter. The reason [...]

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How to: Shop for Extenders by Car

Extenders for You and Your Vehicle Shopping for Extenders by your car is just about the easiest thing to do. Simply start by clicking HERE. Next, select your car’s manufacturer from the list (don’t see your manufacturer? click Other Vehicles). What follows is a list of every model we offer by the manufacturer you selected. If you don’t see [...]

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NEMT Industry Extenders

Prepare For Every Passenger Are you in the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) field or have you ever employed the services of a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation provider? This is a wonderful service and industry that caters to those who cannot otherwise transport themselves between their homes and medical appointments or even other appointments and functions. People with disabilities, [...]

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2 Tips For Car Trips With Kids

Summer is Easier with Seat Belt Extender Pros Are you traveling with kids this summer? Make sure you're prepared for a comfortable road trip with these back seat mainstays: Simply attach the  Auto Hand Grip to the front seat headrest and kids can use it to pull themselves up and out of their booster seats independently.  If there's a [...]

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It's Simple Math

Buckle Up Whoa! The CDC reports that wearing a seat belt during every car trip (no matter how short) can reduce the risk of accident-related injury and death by a whopping 50%.  On average, being pulled over and given a ticket for not wearing a seat belt can cost $150. Clearly, not wearing a seat belt is [...]

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Universal Seat Belt Extenders

A World of Seat Belt Extenders Isn’t that the million dollar question!? If there were a universal seat belt extension our jobs would be so much easier. Here’s why: We wouldn’t have to offer two dozen unique Types of seat belt extensions. We wouldn’t have to train our staff for months on the hundreds of different seat belt metal [...]

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Regular or Rigid Extender?

Regular vs Rigid? We’re glad you asked! The right answer is there is no right answer. Extender style comes down to personal preference, use and convenience. A  Regular Seat Belt Extender is made out of the same seat belt strap material as the belts in your car. You can keep it clicked in to the receptacle of your car [...]

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Extenders & Arthritic Joint Symptoms

Rigid Extenders for Your Wrist According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) an estimated 50 million U.S. adults (about 20%) report having doctor-diagnosed arthritis. These numbers are only expected to increase with an aging U.S. population. While arthritis can affect people of all ages, it is especially prevalent among the elderly population and is one of [...]

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We're Here to Help The Governor Too

No Shame In Our Seat Belt Extender Game At the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, Joel McHale took a shot at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the scandal known as Bridgegate, telling him to buckle up for a lot of jokes - and then pausing to advise him to buckle up his Seat Belt Extender. Joel McHale [...]

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