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Car Comfort

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  • HandyBar 3-in-1 Car Mobility and Safety Aid
    HandyBar 3-in-1 Car Mobility & Safety Aid
    $39.99 $24.99
    The HandyBar has 3 distinct functions that give you the extra support you need when entering and exiting your vehicle and that keep you safe in the event of an emergency. Functions Helps you rise up from and lower...
  • Frankie Seat Belt Adjuster Clip by Seat Belt Extender Pros
    Frankie Seat Belt Adjusting Clip
    $9.99 $4.99
    Are you tired of the seat belt hurting you around your neck, shoulder or face? The Frankie Seat Belt Adjusting Clip is the safe and comfortable solution. It attaches simply and quickly and is great for all kinds of people,...
  • LooPo Seat Belt Tension Adjuster - black (2-pack)
    LooPo Seat Belt Tension Adjuster (2-Pack)
    The LooPo Seat Belt Tension Adjuster is an amazing device that moves the seat belt off of your neck to end irritation, cutting and discomfort. All LooPo purchases are for packs of 2 units, so you'll have one for the driver...
  • Seat Belt Grabber Handle
    Seat Belt Grabber Handle
    $9.99 $4.99
    If you or a loved one have trouble reaching your seat belt to buckle in or have limited range of motion due to surgery or other reasons, then the Seat Belt Grabber Handle could make your lives easier and more comfortable...
  • Auto Hand Grip 2-Pack
    Auto Hand Grip (2-Pack)
    $12.99 $8.99
    This is the perfect way to more easily rise from the back seat of the car!Your Auto Hand Grip is totally portable and can be moved from car to car, allowing you maximum back seat comfort no matter whose vehicle you're in.By...
  • AngelGuard Seat Belt Buckle Guard 2-pack
    AngelGuard Seat Belt Buckle Cover (2-Pack)
    If you're worried that your child might unbuckle him or herself while you're driving, then the AngelGuard Seat Belt Buckle Cover is exactly what you need. By guarding the seat belt's release button, the AngelGuard prevents...
  • End-Ding Seat Belt Alarm Stop - No More Dinging (black)
    End-Ding Seat Belt Alarm Stop
    $14.99 $9.99
    The End-Ding Seat Belt Alarm Stop buckles right into your seat belt's receptacle and stops the alarm from dinging. Oftentimes, newspaper delivery people, couriers and others keep heavy items on their front passenger seats...
  • CarCaddie
    CarCaddie Mobility Assister
    $29.99 $19.99
    With the CarCaddie™ you'll be able to get in and out of your car with ease. This amazing contraption attaches to the frame of your vehicle's door at the window, providing balance and support for entering and exiting...