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Knowing When you Do and Don't Have to Buckle Up

Exceptions to the Seat Belt Rule

You're probably familiar with the Click It or Ticket road safety campaign. Not wearing a seat belt while in the car is against the law, but there are a few circumstances that may excuse a person from wearing one (depending on locality). You may be excused from wearing a seat belt if you are:

  • a driver who is reversing or supervising a learner driver who is reversing
  • in a vehicle being used for police, fire or rescue services
  • driving a goods vehicle on deliveries that are no more than 50 meters between stops (such as a USPS or FedEx)
  • a licensed taxi driver who is carrying passengers

The following medical reasons may also fit the bill for exemption:

  • musculoskeletal conditions and deformities
  • ileostomies and colostomies
  • pregnancy
  • pacemakers
  • scars
  • disabling conditions
  • conditions of the breast
  • special height or weight conditions
  • certain psychological conditions

Please note that these are possible reasons for exemption and should always be discussed and reviewed on a case-by-case basis and in conjunction with local laws. 

Doctors, HR departments and your state's DOT website will be helpful resources for you if you believe that you are not required to wear a seat belt.

If you are exempt from wearing a seat belt, keep these two things in your car:

  1. Official documentation proving your exemption just in case you are stopped by law enforcement.
  2. An End-Ding Seat Belt Alarm Stop. It clicks right into your car's seat belt receptacle to stop the alarm from dinging.

And, if you can't buckle your seat belt because it's too short or physically impossible, but you need to buckle up, we are happy to help you pick out a seat belt extender!

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