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You Make Us Proud

I was going to begin this post by saying, "It's not every day that ..." but then I thought, but it is every day that people write in with comments like this one:I thought that your customer service person Stacey, was wonderful, Stacey, addressed all of my questions and concerns in record breaking time. I was so [...]

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Great Mysteries Revealed: Do Car Seat Belt Extenders Work in Airplanes

It's a pretty common question - and with good reason. If you could take your Car Seat Belt Extender on the airplane, you'd kill two birds with one stone.But alas, the news isn't good: Car Seat Belt Extenders do not work in airplanes and Airplane Seat Belt Extenders do not work in cars.Once in a while someone will come to [...]

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14,665 Dreams We've Had about Extenders

We like to say that you're truly a member of the Seat Belt Extender Pros team when you start dreaming about Extenders. Literally dreaming.So, we decided to calculate the number of dreams our staff has had about Extenders. That number?14,665Whew, that's a lot of dreaming about Extenders. But we can't help it! We live and [...]

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What if My Extender Doesn't Fit?

Buying Extenders isn't as easy as shopping for milk. We all know how to buy milk, and most of us have done it a number of times.Choosing the right Extender is more like choosing the right pants . . . if you've never bought pants before, don't know your pants size and didn't know before [...]

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How Do I Know It's a Seat Belt Extender Pros?

Seat Belt Extenders are a safety product, and so you always want to make sure you have the best one. That is why, after all, you've come to Seat Belt Extender Pros. But how do you make sure that you really got a Seat Belt Extender Pros product?First, quality will say a lot. If the plastic [...]

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Carl's Dad Is a "Happy Old Man"

Seat Belt Extenders help so many people in such a variety of situations, and it's so rewarding to learn about our customer's happiness. It's what we work for.Read these remarks from Carl, a Canadian customer who want to make his father's ride more comfortable:Thank you very much. Received my Extenders today and my father tried [...]

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How to Choose the Best Extender Length

One of the most frequent questions we get is, "How do I know which length I need?This is a great question and an essential component of making sure you get the right and safest extender for you.The number one rule of selecting the right length extender is to choose the shortest possible length that will resolve [...]

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